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Pottery Making

pottery making
Making a ceramic pot is actually fun and rewarding but you know this art is not that easy if you do not have clay centering device to use and balance your design. Most of the pots are circular design. I remember our big pot in our farm was used to stock water because it will make the water cold. During that time when it was so hot and there was no electricity, the big pot that we had was a blessing.

When centering clay on the wheel you can have a perfect result with exact symmetry of your design. Anyone could produce a very good design even if you are new because this centering will guide your masterpiece. Even though this art is very old and even seen in some artifacts, finding the center of the symmetry can be challenging.

AMACO/Brent will guide you how to center clay so that your design will have a good result. Next you will do your hobby in pottery be sure that you have a guide for centering so that you can have your best perfect symmetrical design.

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glitter said...

tnx po sa link, na add na kta

Joyoz said...

One time I saw how to make clay pot and it's interesting stuff like making hands hold in the middle and then roll to form a pot with those mud looking all stuff in the hands.
By the way, thanks for the visits.

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