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Raw Diet will Loss Weight

raw diet-loss weight
I read in CNN today that eating raw foods will loss your weight. A woman name Angela Stokes weight 300 pounds which she accumulate from teenager years to the time that she is a young woman, confessed that she lost weight by eating raw foods like vegetables, fruits and nuts. She was not only overweight but also sick physically and emotionally.

She started eating raw foods when one day a friend gave her the book about eating raw and its benefits in health when she work in a green house in Iceland. She stop eating cook foods and other foods which has lot of preservatives, oil, salt and sugar. On the next day she applied what is written in the book and her recommendation is to eat your favorite foods like spinach, fruits maybe and some nuts. You can start at 50% and gradually increase it. The point is you stop eating those unhealthy foods like junk foods.

After a month she got a boyfriend which she did not for more than five years. In two years she lost weight tremendously and now has a weight of 130 pounds. It is a challenging task but at the end it paid off. Her advice is to always learn about healthy eating and read a lot plus have other people who eat raw around you. Eating raw foods will really trim your waist. So if you want to loss weight try this diet simple formula.

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