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Secured Online Store

Last year my classmate told me that he wondered why his credit card reached its limit when he only orderde two books on the Internet for that year. He only use his credit card just in case there is an emergency. I told him that there are lots of hackers in the Internet today. What they do is to steal your personal information like the password of your credit card and use it to buy things online using such information. Of course you will be charged for that transaction because it is your credit card information that he used.

Trusted Internet is very important to make your customers feel confident to buy to your online store. My friend told me not to purchase goods and or services using his credit card online. I told him that there are website stores that are secured. All he has to do is be sure that has SSL down in the right corner of the store website.

Melih Abdulhayoglu's blog will explain more about Trusted Internet. This blog article is about Comodo, an SSL provider and other techologies that will safe guard your website and will help your customers feel trust to purchase anything that you sell without worry.

Comodo is the best site if you want some help for your website credibility and safety. There are many websites out there that you could not trust. To be sure look for SSL down right in your browser for security.

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