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Precast for Highway

Lately there was a new over-bridge done in our city, maybe because the population is booming here and there is a daily bottleneck in every road so the government decided to solve the problem by adding more bridge in the highway. The contractor used k-rail for their project and I am sure the bridges here are very strong. I asked where they got them and one of the guys told me that they are from Jensen Precast. I told him that I heard that company and in fact they are serving the people for almost 40 years.

I asked him if they also bought temporary concrete barrier for blocking the road ahead because they are doing a bridge? He said that those containers on the right side of the road contains those concrete. They also used barrier rail and he told me that they will do four more bridge. I recommend these precast because they are easy to install in your project. To all contractors, use precast for your project and impress your client.

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