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Chat with right people

I have been looking for a website who cater for us people who valued our religion. Many websites that are having a chat room and in fact with camera are not for us because most of the members are rude and disrespectful especially to our believe. At LDS chat I can be assure that our conversation online are about religion and common belief so there will be no chatting about drugs and sex topics.

If you are like me who wants to meet new friends or woman in your life then visit this website and enjoy. This is a free Latter Day Saints website with video camera to use for chatting.

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Natasha Call said...

That's great to know. However, I am happily married. Is it just for singles or for LDS members in general? I appreciate this kind of thing being published online, even with the general ignorance and possible backlash regarding our religion that is "out there". I publish Sabbath posts and then world political opinion pieces at http://issuesoncall.blogspot.com. Thanks for the info!

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