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Halloween Costume that I wore

Last November 02, 2008 I was in Boracay for a two days vacation in my favorite beach vacation. Actually I was lonely at first because I could not attend our family gathering for the Halloween party in my home with my brothers and sisters because my parent passed away already a couple of years before. I have my Halloween Costume ready but quickly my friend's wife asked me to visit their place near Boracay. By the way Boracay is a world class resort in the Philippines. I have a yearly vacation in my home country so I have to spend it wisely.

Back to the Halloween costume, I brought it to Boracay anyway because I will anyway be there during the first and second day of November. I visited my friend’s wife and got the money that she promised to give. I went straight to Boracay for the holiday and to my surprised I saw many people were coming and even some of them are celebrities. There was a big Halloween Party so my Halloween costume was indeed a big hit. It was a simple Dracula inspired costume. There are many good costumes that I saw that night like princess inspired, and there is even a geisha make up is very unique of them all.

I found a website that sells Halloween Costume and the best of all is that there is a page there that offer great discount. Just click in the right side of the website in comma in between 10,000 in Our Store now has over 10,000 masquerade items for you to choose from!

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