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Kids' Choice Awards

Did you cast your vote already for Kids' Choice Awards today? If you did not cast your vote do it now because the Kid's Choice Awards will be on March 28, 2009 at exactly 8:00 PM in Nickelodeon. There are many categories for you to choose like whom your favorite actor to win is or your favorite actress to win. Other categories include favorite book, favorite movie, favorite male singer, favorite female singer, favorite song, favorite music group, favorite video game, favorite male athlete and more.

Just now I cast my vote for American Idol for reality show category so I am hoping that American Idol will win because I love that singing contest show though I have no talent in singing. For my favorite cartoon I cast my vote for Simpson's and of course I chose Serena Williams as my favorite female athlete. She is the number one tennis player in the world today and I think many people knew her. She is very popular.

By the way did you watch that video on the top of this post? Yes that guy is my favorite actor. He is a former wrestling superstar before. The Rock has the face and body to die for but I am mesmerized by his natural acting in the big screen. Cast your vote now before it is too late and of course spread the news to your friends and let them cast their votes too. This is very exciting!!!



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