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Chat with Catholic

I really love chatting and you know I started to like it since 2000. That was the year that I got my first email from Hotmail. Right now I could not access my email address in that website because it was hacked and many of my friends online were lost. Many websites offer chatting but I am disappointed because they are not organized and slow until I found Catholic Chat City. I am a Catholic myself so when I go there as I always do, I could share the same thing with them. Exchanging ideas is the best today because as a Catholic I should have to learn more things along the way as well.

How about you, are fun of chatting? I know this is too personal but I would like to advice you that you should chatting in positive ways because today there are lots of chatting rooms that exploit our youth and even children. I would advice you to go in Catholic Chat City because most of the people there are God fearing people. If you are interested to share about the good news or the Bible then it is time to got there and ask some question about your faith. If you are like me who is a little bit Bible literate then share your knowledge to the youth and less inform people. You can save a soul!

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