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Do you like teaching?

We are turning over our project to the customer which a military group is called Special Forces. Of course one of the requirements is to teach them on how to operate the system which we call the FFS or Free Fall Simulator. Honestly I hate teaching in fact I did not even attempt to study teaching though my father was a teacher. I made manuals for the training and so I started teaching last week and to my surprise, teaching is easy if you are doing your homework.

The best thing to do is to be ready and well prepared when you teach the students. In fact I teach older students and some of them are older than me. The challenging part is on how you impart the topic so that they will understand it as you wish them. Some materials or illustration will help them understand the subject. Talk to them as if you are telling a story and let them participates as much as possible. Right now I realize that teaching is a noble job.

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