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I want to visit Okinawa Japan

I heard the word Okinawa Japan many times since I was young and I know that it is part of Japan but I never know is it and where it is in Japan. Is it in the main land or near an island or near Tokyo, Japan, I have no idea. Today I learned more about Okinawa because I read the most informative website about the island. Yes Okinawa is an island and it is the best place in Japan because the climate and weather are sub-tropical like the Bahamas, Florida and Hawaii. It is sub-tropical and the only place in the Japan so it is full of flowers throughout the year and indeed a beautiful place to live in. Okinawa is a vacation place for the Japanese and in fact the group of islands is full of resorts and beaches.

Okinawa Travel will amaze you because the place is paradise like everything is there, you could not ask for more. Coral Reef, scuba diving, Cherry Blossom in January, foods, crystal clear water and even marathon are there plus the exciting culture that is different from the main land Japan. Experience the China and other part of Asia. Visit their website and you can see thousands and tons of information about Okinawa. They also have a blog for you to ask some questions or perhaps you could share your experience after visiting Okinawa Japan. If you have not been there but plan to visit the place soon then read their website about Okinawa travel first because I am sure it can help you more when you reach the place. Good luck and enjoy reading about Okinawa.

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