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Pag-ibig Fund-I Joined

Hello I joined Pag-ibig Fund yesterday because I want to avail the housing loan. I was a member ten years ago but I withdraw my money because of emergency, fortunately for me the clerk there told me to renew even if I just left $7.00. So I registered again last 2004 but I did not contributed until yesterday.

By the way for people out there and not a Filipino, Pag-ibig Fund is a government institution that deals with housing for those people who could not afford to pay cash by letting them contribute and avail a housing loan depending on how much he contributed per month.

My friends were able to avail the housing loan and they will pay it for 30 years span with 10% interest. If you are like me who is working outside the Philippines or an OFW then it is time to contribute or become a member. Remember this is the right time to own a house by joining Pag-ibig Fund and avail for housing loan. Pag-ibig Fund is better than other company because they add a low interest rate when you avail for housing loan.

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