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Passport Experience

Last night I went home very late, around 12:15 PM because I finished filing for my passport renewal. What an experience, the applicants move very slowly as if there is no ending for the process. My number is 252 but at around 6:00 PM they are still in number 130 so I went home again back on 9:00 PM only to know that it is still in 198 so I was hopeless that I can finish my application. Luckily the Consul said that they will finish the remaining applicant and some of the reserve number owners were not coming so we are 20 persons left. I was the last to be called and I went inside with my application form, old passport and SR200.00.

I think it was a blessing in disguised because since I am the last I have the time to talk to the other officials and we talked about our benefits in OWWA as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers). He told me about the scholarship and benefits of being a member. I went home tire but happy because of the information that I knew.

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