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Random Callers

Harassment is not only happening face to face but though telephone too. I have received many annoying calls from unknown people in our telephone accusing me of things that I do not know. Some of them are offering phone sex. I just thought maybe these people are crazy or they have nothing to do but make fun of innocent people like me. I usually received their calls during the night when I am in my deep sleep and you know when you answer telephone call during such time, you will be afraid and bothered. All you can to is to know who calls you during such late hour in the night. I filed a Caller Complaints to our local telephone company and asked them if they could provide me the list of those annoying callers in my telephone but until now I did not receive any information from them. I do not know if they want to protect those criminals thinking that they are also subscribers in their telephone company.

I just want to reprimand these people to mind their own business. If they will not stop from harassing me then I will sue them to the court. Right now I plan to ask help from caller wiki because they can trace the telephone numbers of these people, the addresses, Telephone Company and their names.

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