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Single Parent

Raising a child or perhaps children is very hard to do if you are a single parent. Most of the single parents have the hard time raising the children because aside from raising them, they will need to find a work to support the children. My sister is a single parent to her son; believe me raising a child without the help from the father is very hard. It is hard for a mother because the son needs a father figure. Finding other single parents is the best way to do so that you can seek advice from them on how to raise a child perfectly. Unfortunately single parent in our place are very few and in fact people does not accept them as normal but a shame to the community.

The last thing that we do to help her is by Internet. Searching in the Internet is not easy but we never surrender until we found single parent chat rooms which we suggest her to join and chat with the other members. The website is free when you join and in fact there many members already. The site offer webcam capability, voice and texting chat. Most of the members are single parents with different problem and some of them are in their senior years who gave many good advice on how to raise a child or children alone.

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