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Conveniene Store

Convenience Stores are now sprouting in the Philippines like Super Savers, 7-11, Mini-Stop and Slers to name a few. Why is it that this type of store is now popular in the Philippines? It is because the Philippines is now booming economically. People are becoming busy because of 24/7 jobs operation like call center and other related jobs.

Convenience Store is somewhat expensive than the usually stores because it is operating 24 hours a day.

Usual Items Available in the Convenience Store:

1.0 Cigarettes and wines
2.0 Cup Noddles
3.0 Soft Drinks, Beer, Instant Coffee and Juices
4.0 Medicine
5.0 Junk foods
6.0 Newspapers
7.0 Bread, Cakes and cookies
8.0 Chocolates and Candies
9.0 Common School Supplies like papers, ball pens, pencils and clips and notebooks
10.0 Cell phones cards
Convenience Store

Convenience Stores are usually in a place where many people are available like near the hospitals, schools, bus terminals, near the market, gasoline stations and call centers area.

Convenience store starting capital depend on the brand, size of the store and location. Usually it will cost more than a Million Peso. Franchising is the easiest way to have a convenience store. The company will do everything building design, training of the employees and etc. Usually the contract is 10 years depending on what is stipulated in the contract. Franchising is good for Expat or OFW who has no business know how.

Another way to have a convenience store is to build your own brand and start small. If you start small and you will go bankrupt still you can start another business that will suite your personality and interest. 

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