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Dr. Belo and Dr. Kho

We all knew about Br. Belo and her young boyfriend name Hayden Kho. They are well known celebrity surgeons in the Philippines. But right now they are more famous because of sex scandal that Hayden Kho is involved. According to rumor, Hayden Kho has 40 sex videos and some of them involved well-known celebrities and in fact some of them are now available in the Internet.

Katrina Halili is one of them and right now she is filing a case against Hayden Kho and wants the PRC to strip his professional license. I think Katrina could have denied it because the video is not clear. But when I knew that her manager is Lolit Solis I just knew that she will surface and accept that fact that she is indeed the woman in the sex scandal video.

Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho video is very clear that you could see the small armor of Hayden. This is a big insult to all Filipinos. The foreigners might come to a conclusion that Filipinos have small arm. There is also a rumor that this guy and comedienne Rufa Mea Quinto have their own video too. Dr. Belo confessed that she and Kho have their own version of video too

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