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Global Warming

Global Warming. The Earth became the newest Wa...Image by Cherrylynx via Flickr

This is my first time to blog about global warming. Many people do not know that every now and then the temperature in the world is rising. If you want to help in preventing this you should do your share like stop using CFC or Chloro-Fluoro-Carbon in your AC or refrigerator. This chemical is responsible for cooling these appliances. Right now there is an alternatives for this chemical. If you are a logger please stop cutting the trees in the mountain. Walk if your destination is walking distance. Avoid throwing garbage in the sea and river, you are killing our fishes and other sea resources. You can also do recycling in order to preserve the Mother Earth. If you go shopping, bring your own bags to lessen the use of plastics. There are just some of the simple things that you can do to help prevent global warming.

I would suggest you to share your knowledge to other people especially for the children because they are our future. Awareness can help everyone to do what is right. Promote the importance of preventing global warming. There are many signs that the world is warming like the Dolphins stranded and died in the seashore. If the temperature rises the Polar Bears will die. Pressure our government about this issue so that they will make laws that reinforce everyone to be aware of what is going on in the world. Start a campaign by planting trees starting in your own garden and covering the whole country.

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