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Hidden Camera of Hayden Kho

I have watched the videos of Hayden with different women including Katrina Halili and a certain Brazilian Model. I learned a good position from him with Katrina anyway, dogstyle. I could not believe that Hayden can do this to women and upload it in the Internet. I heard that he had 40 videos with different women including the well known Dr. Belo. Last news I read from a website is that the people who is having this video asked for P4 Million from Belo and company to stop them from distributing her video scandal.

Rufa Mae Quinto was also rumored as one of the women who was caught on the camera and according to the gossip she did very well. All the previous women can't beat her when she ate Hayden hotdog. She even removed her false teeth when doing it. But the bad news is that Hayden Kho's hotdog is small not proportion to his 6'1" height. The hidden camera of Hayden was position in his computer. He used a webcam to record all the scandal.

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