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How to save while healthy at the same time?

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Lately I have a problem in budgeting my money for foods and savings because of the recession. I could not believe that I lost almost 50% of my savings each month due to economic problem that we are facing today. Now my concern is how to save and at the same time you are healthy. Some of us think that expensive foods are rich in vitamins and minerals than the cheaper one. Well, you are wrong! Many expensive foods are in fact not good for our health.

Here are my tips to save money when shopping for foods but still get the best foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals:

1.0 If you want to buy canned fruits, do not look for the brand because they are still the same fruits inside the can.

2.0 Buy in volume to save money and sometimes see for a sale like for example some goods will expire after a month, buy if they are buy one take one because you can consume them within one month anyway.

3.0 Wait for the season of that fruit or vegetables because when there are plenty of them, they will become cheaper.

4.0 Shop only once a week.

5.0 It is better to buy with someone accompanying you because you could buy in volume then divide them among you.

6.0 Shop in the public market. Although this place is not as clean and convenient as the mall but hey you can get lots of discount. The Items are cheaper too.

7.0 There are many vegetables and fruits and cereals, all you have to know is the minerals and vitamins content of these foods and buy the cheaper one that contain the same vitamins and minerals with the expensive one.

8.0 Do not buy junk foods and soft drinks, you do not get anything from these foods but sickness of overeating.

9.0 Refrigerate them to stay the freshness.

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