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I am waiting for Google AdSense Check

Yesterday I opened my AdSense Account and noticed that the Google people is already sending the check that I accumulated for several months. I am not applying SEO yet to my blogs because I do not received yet the money. I am planning to Optimize my website when I get the money from the Secured Express Delivery that the Google is using. Last month they sent the money to me via regular check but I did not receive any check from the post office. I hope that by this time there will be no problem.

How about you? Are you also using AdSense to generate money from your blog or websites? Many people today are earning because of Adsense and some of them earn big bucks. Yes big bucks if your website and blog or blogs produced heavy traffic. It is worth studying SEO after all. Aside from SEO many companies will also want to place their ads in your website or blog if you have thousands of visitors everyday. My friend earned $2,000 last month alone and he is still counting. I want to reach that amount too so that I can build my dream business. By the way if you have any ideas on how to earn money online please share it to me.

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