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My friend emailed me yesterday

I opened my email yesterday and I was surprised to receive an email from my friend name Nelson. He resigned in our company two years ago and I was very proud of him because he was very brave and risk taker when he did it. I like him because he is very humble and you can count on him in times when you need him most. He is now happy working in a certain company that needs his expertise. He possesses leadership, personality that I admire because he knows how to handle people and in fact they resigned also when he resigned.

I might say that our company lost a good employee when he resigned. I can say that he is very unique that it may take many years for me to find another friend like him. Sometimes it is very hard for us to appreciate people when they are around but once they leave that is the time that we will realize how important they are. For me I always treasure people who are nice and friendly because they are the people that the world needs now.

I returned an email to him this morning telling him how I appreciated on what he did and will forever thank him. Because of him our company’s situation changed and I owed it from him. I do not know other employee’s feeling but that is what I feel.

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