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My Google Page Ranking

Numeric examples of PageRanks in a small system.Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday I opened my other blog and I was happy because it went up from PR2 to PR3 and of course if you have such ranking it means more traffic and earning. Actually it was PR4 before then it became PR3 then PR2 then now it went up again PR3. I am glad that Google recognized my effort in building and promoting my blog.

Many blogger and webmasters are doing their best so that their websites will rank high and some of them are even pay others to link their websites to theirs but I think it is illegal and Google will penalize them if they will be caught. I think the best way is to let the others link to your website in their own well. If your website or blog become famous many people will review it and link it to their website and it is a plus in your side and will improve your page ranking.

The picture above explained how the ranking is achieved and computed. I am not into SEO so much so I could not explain it to you in details. How about your blog? Did you get a new page ranking lately?

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