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Octopus, the misunderstood sea creature

Do you know about Octopus? There are 160 species of them around the world. It is one of my favorite foods to eat and it is very delicious. Of course we all know that it has eight arms sea creature. The sea animal can regenerate its tentacles when accidentally cut. The life span of octopus is only two years and can sometimes confuse as squid with two long tentacles and longer body shape. Octopus skin is smooth with different colors, depending on what species it is. They can change color too to hide from the predators and hunting for prey and appear like corals and rocks under the sea. They also produce ink to avoid the prey from running away. They usually eat crabs, shells, small fish and other small sea creatures.

Find out more about them in Octopus.com. There are more information which you might interest especially if you are doing a report about octopus.

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