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Pag-ibig Fund Advance Payment

I paid my Pag-ibig Fund last month in the Philippines. Actually I asked a favor to my officemate to pay for my Pag-ibig Fund when he went home for vacation. I gave him money good for 6 months that is P2800.00/month. All in all I paid P16,800.00 for 6 months. He went to Pag-ibig Fund Center too to pay his monthly contribution.

I need to pay in September and so on for two years so I can avail for housing loan. I could not wait for another year to have a house because every year real estate is getting more expensive. It was a mistake for me before when I did not care about my Pag-ibig Fund payment. Anyway it is not too late for me to do it this time. Pag-ibig Fund loan has low interest rate than SSS. If you are like me then apply now for Pag-ibig Fund> and pay your contribution because you can apply for housing loan when you pay at least two years continuously.

Late development, you cannot pay more than six months in advance now for pag-ibig fund in order to avail for housing loan. If you are working abroad right now and want to have a house in the Philippines then make a pag-ibig fund advance payment but since they will only accept six months advance I will advice you to tell them that you are working abroad and nobody can do it for you, they might accept and let you pay for the whole year.

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