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Save Money for Rainy Days

I have post many times about saving money for rainy days. It is also called as emergency savings but I think the best way is not to save only but to invest the money too. Saving is the starting point of walking towards financial freedom.

Here are some ways to save money:

1.0 Avoid eating in the restaurant if possible. Pack up your own launch.
2.0 Stop Smoking if you smoke. Stop drinking liquor and soft drink. They are not good for health and packet.
3.0 Walk if it is only walking distance. It is also an exercise and good for the health.
4.0 Do not use your A/C if it is not so hot. Lessen your electricity consumption.
5.0 Save when you do shopping by buying bulk of foods and clothes during sales. Fruits and vegetables are cheap during their season. If possible buy clothes without signature or brand but durable. Shop clothes twice a year only if possible.
6.0 Cut your other telephone connection you have more than two. A cellphone will do if you are not in business.
7.0 Do not buy gadget like computer if you do not earn from it. It will only consume electricity and your time by chatting. It also adds expenses because of Internet connection.
8.0 Another cause of expenses is water. Conserving water will not only save you money but the Mother Earth. Use basin when you wash clothes.

There are many ways to save money but the most important is to save at least 10% of your gross monthly income and invest it. After 8 years with conservative investment like 8% to 10%, your investment will surpass your monthly salary. If you have business idea then it might lessen the years to overcome your monthly salary.

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