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Waiting for Quotation

Quotation is very important if you want to buy things like computers and networking switches and routers plus the cables and software because by doing so you will know how much you want to spend.

Last month I emailed our supplier because we plan to offer an upgrade to our system. Three weeks had passed but I never heard from him again so I emailed him again and I suggested to him what we want to happened to our existing project that we want to forward an offer for upgrading the system but no response. Today I did not expect to receive an email from him but at less he remembered to email me again after a month of waiting. He said that he is in vacation for two weeks that is why he was not able to email me!

I do not know but common sense always dictates me to always care for the customers no matter what. Vacation is a limp excuse. If I were in his shoes I would still log-in to my computer and know who emailed me and maybe I would still do a quotation because I do not want to lose my returning customers. Customer care is indeed very important in every business. Remember there are lots of competitions in business.

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