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Waiting for Salary Increase

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Last January our company promised to raise our salary in the first quarter of the year because everything went up. I am talking about the commodities that we are buying everyday. The king also said that each company needs to increase each employee's salary at least 25%. Today is May and there is no increase. I think the company forgets what they promised to us.

I understand that there is an economy recession today but promise is a promise so they should implement salary increase otherwise, they will lose their credibility. Many of us employees do not believe that they did not get the contract because they were able to increase the laborers salary up to 30%. My point is why some small time companies here in our place were able to increase their employee’s salary? These companies were considered by us as undesired companies because they have fewer benefits and they offer small salaries than our company but now they better benefits and salaries.

I think my company needs to be reminded by us about salary increase or maybe we need to apply for salary increase before they will implement it. Are they killing the time? I hope not because I am tired of writing letters for them.

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