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Foods from different Countries

Living abroad for more than ten years is not easy for me because I missed my home recipes and other native’s foods that we used to prepare back home. Asian foods and ingredients are not available in the market so I ate what the western countries can offer and adapted their foods and other specialties. I am looking for website that sells foods from different countries. I am a Filipino and I like oriental foods like what we have with rice. Here in the country that I presently work as an expatriate, our rice and spices are not available. I like dried fish and native vegetables like squash leaves, taro leaves, bitter melon leaves but they are not available here. I also missed the spices for making Adobo like dried banana flowers. It is not available here locally. Sometimes cooking noodles is a problem because there are no spices but only western spices for spaghetti and other pasta are available.

Even if I am a Filipino I also like foods from other countries like the foods from Thailand, Japan, Mexico and China because they are delicious. Because most of them are not available here locally I tried to scout in the Internet to look for online store that sells different foods and ingredients around the world and luckily I found one store that sells thousands of foods around the world. They sell Asian foods and even Middle Eastern foods. I am an asian food grocer so I am very happy that I found the website.

I browsed the website and I found 16 Philippines products that are available to order. I like the banana chips because I grew up in the farm and we made our banana chips before and we have banana cake recipe. I might suggest to the website about other Philippines products that are delicious sought after by Filipino people. There are other countries that sell their products that are similar to ours so might order them too. The foods from other countries are delicious too.

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