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Herbalife Distributor

My last vacation was a fruitful one because I was able to build a cottage and right now it generates a monthly income to me. I also met my college friend which I did not see for a long time. He was changed suddenly when he found a very good job which irritated me to the maximum. Anyway he lost the job and now selling herbal products which in turn generates extra income to him for his family. The name of the company is Herbalife and right now he was aiming for the next position that will generate him more income. He has three downlines so far and still growing. I purchased one bottle of multi-vitamins from him and he said that it will also trim or loss weight to anyone who will use it.

Herbal Life has been around for many years already and in fact it is a worldwide business both online and off-line. By the way my friend’s business is growing and he is hoping to travel in Thailand when he will reach the quota that a supervisor should. I do not know exactly the process of their point system but that was he said to me. He has a Herbalife International website which he showed to me. I saw his previous months earning in the website and he said that of his members is living in California, USA.

As a Herbalife Distributor, he learned how to manage a business which he did not experience when he was working in the local company. What is good in this business he said is that all of the products are natural, not synthetic. They are organic natural products from the farm so there is no overdose when you take them. He told me he joined the Herbal Nutrition Network because aside from the money he is also sure that he will stay healthy. Herbal Nutrition is now the trend around the world if you want to stay health and fit while earning.

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