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Sweet Watermelon to quench your thirst

I bought watermelon yesterday for $2.65 and I opened it in our house and shared some slice to my home friends. It is very sweet and watery. I like eating watermelon especially this summer because I always thirst and water could not satisfy me. Sweet watermelon can also help clean your system because it is 90% plus the fiber of the fruit. Here in Middle East watermelons are very sweet and much larger than the variety in the Philippines.

Six healthy reasons to eat Sweet watermelon and its many vitamins and minerals. It is also nutritious and good to our health. Cleansing the best that a watermelon can do to our body like for example since it is not salty so it could help also if you have a UTI or urinary track infection. Eating fruits and vegetables can clean your digestive system. I would recommend Sweet watermelon if you want to clean your digestive system.

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