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What is the cause of Uric Acid?

Lately I decreased my coffee intake because somebody advised me to reduce coffee because it can cause uric acid too. Although coffee has its benefits too, I took his advice because I have uric acid and it is painful to my joints. Moderate drinking is what I am doing as of now because I really like coffee.

Before I used to drink more than two cups of coffee everyday especially during winter because of cold climate but now since it is hot, I seldom drink. Another cause of uric acid is of course red meat. Avoid eating too much red meat and internal organs of animals like in pig and cow. Most people especially the Filipinos love to eat foods that contain internal organs of these animals.

Eating to much sea foods like shells can also cause uric acid to rise in your body so avoid too much sea foods. It is better to eat vegetables and fruits because these foods can clean your digestive system since they are high in fiber.

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