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Best Corporate Apparel

Aside from being healthy we should look good and presentable too. I have a friend who always see his body in whole body mirror in our boarding house before. He told me that when you apply for a job you should look neat and presentable too aside from being healthy and fit. I told him that I could not afford to buy expensive corporate apparel for me to wear. He told me that by wearing good clothes all the time you will feel at ease when you are applying for your dream job in the future. Anyway he told me that not all corporate apparel is expensive in fact he said that if you want to buy cheap but beautiful clothes just visit iDbyLandau.com. I was mindset earlier that using these kind of clothes are expensive especially the pants. After our conversation I began to realize that he was right. Right now he is working in the bank and told me that he did the right thing aside from being one of the intelligent in our batch.

When I browsed the website I also found out that the site is also selling hotel uniforms and they look better than what I saw in our local hotel. I might suggest to my Boss, by the way I am working in a three star hotel but who knows the owner of this hotel might open a bigger and a five star hotel in the future if we improve our services and lots of customers will patronize us. I will also suggest to change the restaurant uniforms of our employees because they look cheap wearing their present uniforms. The designer was really a disaster when it comes to his creation but I give him credit for the landscapes and Interior D├ęcor that he did. They are perfect!

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