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Christmas Vacation

I always like to spend my Christmas Holidays after a long 11 months of the year because aside from relaxing this is the month where you can express your love to everyone even with a little gift or present. Most of the times we have this exchange gift to celebrate Christmas every year and also roast a pig for food in the 25th day of the December.

Last year we had visitors from far away who spent their holiday in our place. They are my second degree cousins whom I did not meet for many years. Actually they are into vacation in our nearby famous resort which is very famous in my country. After a few days in the resort they went straight to our home and spent their Christmas with us. We exchanged gifts and roasted a small pig for our launch. After dinner we were able to talk about our family and other relatives who we did not see in our entire lives. Some of them are now living in United States of America and the others are now in London working as medical technologist.

If you want to enjoy your Christmas Holidays this coming December then break the tradition go for a vacation rather than staying in your cold house. If you are living in a cold place where there is winter then spend your vacation in a tropical resort.

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