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InTheRooms Facebook Application

I found a website that is very interesting to all of us because it is a website for people who are fighting for addiction. The good thing about the website called InTheRooms is that you have the privacy even if you are sharing your horrible life fighting for addiction. Some members even shared that they fight addiction for ten years. How about you? Are you a drug addict too? I think it is time to share your experience to other people in order for them to learn more on how to fight addiction like what you did. You can tell tem how long you are able to regain back your life. Although it is better to let them know who you are but if you want anonymity you can still share your poignant story.

When I was in High School, our principal always invites drug addicts who are able to recover to share their life when they were addicted by drugs and how they fight it mightily. I have learned how hard it is when you are addicted. The thing that I learned is not to try using it because you will never know that you are addicted already.

Right now the website is now in social networking and they want to share the website content to more people out there also as a way to be aware about addiction. InTheRooms Facebook App can be shared in your facebook account if you have one and invite your friends to be a member in the group and maybe if they were addicted before and now recovered from it to share their experience. Just click it and you are on the way to become a member. You can share your story without exposing yourself to the public.

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