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Waiting for Salary

This is a long awaited news!!! I am talking about our salary increase as what we heard from our boss. Today and maybe on Saturday we will know if indeed we have a salary increase. We are expecting to receive a 15% increase as promise by our Boss though not so high, it is better than nothing at all.

My plan now is to save more money and build my cottages in our province because rental business is now profitable and besides it is easy to maintain. This year I plan to build five cottages and offer them for rent at P1500 per month. Aside from this business I am also into coconut farm rentals. This means that I accept farm with coconut in exchange for money as a collateral for five or three years duration. I earn here about 20% per year.

How about you my friends what are the best businesses that you can suggest for us OFW or expatriates?

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