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Connect your family with Yovia

Family is very important to me and I will do everything just to make them happy. As you know I am working away from my family but I never forget to send letters and chat with them always in the Internet. In our city there are lots of family activities that can make them happy so I see to it that my partner will know what is going on and can bring the kids for entertainment or perhaps for bonding.

Like for example last month there was a free painting activity for kids in our city which was sponsored by a big company, I told my partner to inform the kids if they want to join or want to learn painting because it is a good hobby aside from playing tennis and other physical activities. There are other activities too like children’s party with mascot, Halloween party and quiz bee. I encouraged my kids to explore other activities aside from their favorite because I believed that the things you know the better.

If you are like me and want to know future activities near you I would recommend ParentsConnect.com because you will see know what fun activities are available in your area. Just enter any Zip Code and you will know what activity is going on in that area.


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