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Garlic for parasites or worm inside human body

health benefits of garlic
Right now I am taking garlic cloves aside from the drugs that I take against worm or parasite inside my body. I went to the doctor yesterday and told him that I suspected that I have worms because my anus is itching always especially at night. Read about the other health benefits of garlic for more information about it aside from the fact that it can treat against intestinal worms and other intestinal parasites.

Many people do not like the smell of this spice but don't you know that even in the old time it is already used by the Egyptian for foods, medicine and even to preserve their dead? Garlic has other health benefit like to control bad cholesterol. It can also drive bad spirit according to myth and can cure wounds and other skin diseases.

2 reaction:

marjonelle said...

I was not aware that garlic is effective in killing parasite/worms inside the body. Good thing that I have no problem in taking it. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

but it stinks

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