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Mosaic Painting

Long time ago I wondered why some people liked painting very much. I started to read books about literature and about arts to learn more why some people are obsessed about painting and even theater shows. Call me naïve and ignorant but I did not like what they like. Maybe because I grew up in the mountain and never seen anything not even a cartoon shows in the television. Later when I reached college I began to learn why people love arts, painting in particular and theater. I realized that if you are educated you must know how to appreciate arts.

Like for example in paintings I began to like them when I knew that the painter did it to express his thought using canvass and brush instead of pen. There are many kinds of painting actually but I like the abstract paintings and mosaic paintings than the common paintings that I saw in the museum. The paintings of Stephanie Clair are the best because her masterpieces are in mosaic form. You can see her limited paintings online by visiting the website. Remember my friends that art is an expression of oneself and it started even before the dawn of civilization.

If you have nothing to do I think it is better to develop a talent like painting, writing poem or other things that will satisfy yourself.

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