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Parasites inside my body

I went to the hospital yesterday because I was not feeling well and I think I have parasites inside my body. I am talking about worms because there is a tickle in my anus during the night and some tremors inside my body lol. The doctor asked me to give my urine and stool but I only gave urine because I was not feeling shit and it is Ramadan here in Middle East. The doctor told me that my urine has bacteria too.

I received many prescribed drugs and I used it already last night and I feel the parasites are screaming inside of me. I hope they will feel dizzy and die and will come out with my stool. I will post what will happen next here. It is really a bad experience having these parasites. Your stomach is aching everywhere and you experience fatigue and laziness.

I do not know where I got them but I remember playing with my dog before and I have a friend whom I worked with and told him that he has a cold heels when we together with my friends went massage in the beach. Where do you think I got these worms? I went also to the place where there is a dirty swam and another thing was I ate Japanese foods, they are raw as we know.

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