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Pottery making

My hobby is making pots, figurines and other ceramic creation. It runs in our family because my late uncle is into pottery business and he is very proud of it because most of his products landed in our local museum. He is fun of combining colors that inspire Chinese and Japanese arts. I followed style but I also try to be unique in other way. Using different ceramic colors can be challenging because you need to be creative and careful not to mix these color otherwise the result will be a disaster.
If you are new or want to be good in pottery art then find one in the Internet, I am sure many websites are offering clay pottery art lesson. Learning this kind of hubby is not very hard but you need patience and time to cultivate your skills in this art. If you are imaginative and love reading culture and art then much better, you have the edge.
Another thing to consider is the tools to make your design like pottery wheel clay and other tools. Investing in tools is not very expensive than other hubby. You will never know you might be the best pot maker in your area or country perhaps. Just start doing what you like and everything will be in place.

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