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Herb in Roman Empire

Herb in Roman Empire

The Romans used herbs not only for medicine but in almost every aspect of their cooking, so much so that Plautus, a writer at the time, complained that ‘men eat herbs which the cows leave alone’. They smothered their elaborate dishes in copious flavorings which we can see from the fascinating cookery book of Apicius. Evidence of Roman gardens comes from writings, wall paintings and excavations, such as at Fishbourne Palace in Sussex. A typical garden would be a sheltered place set in the courtyard of a house with a formal layout, statues, alcoves to sit in, fountains and herbs such as basil, myrtle, rose, lily, violet, coriander, thyme and rosemary. Women would make up garlands of sacred herbs to lay on the small household altar and burn dry branches of lavender to please the gods.

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