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Why Pets are Treats to our Health

Why pets are treats to our health?

Why are Pet Treats to our Health:

A pet is an ally in the battle against stress, and less stress should mean better health. But even harmless-looking animals can make you a sick puppy.

1.0 Birds bacteria inhaled from dried bird feces and dust from feathers can give you psittacosis, which is potentially fatal in humans. Symptoms resemble those of a flu. Clean the bird’s cage regularly and don’t let droppings dry, advises Amy Worell, DVM, owner of All Pets Medical Centre in West Hills, California.

2.0 Cats “Because cats’ teeth are smaller and thinner, they tend to go deeper, resulting in infection,” say Bruno Chomel, DVM, PhD, director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center of Emerging Zoonoses. Among the irritants: the bacteria Bartonella henselea, cause of what’s known to Ted Nugent fans as cat scratch fever. Symptoms (for you): fever and swollen lymph nodes. The infection sometimes leads to conjunctives, or pinkeye, but can be treated with antibiotics.

3.0 Dogs You know his lick can be worse than his bite. And if you ever board Rover, he can catch kennel cough- an infection that he can pass on to you. Also, never walk around barefoot in a dog’s toilet (your backyard)- it’s a breeding ground for hookworms.

4.0 Fish- the fish are not dangerous (piranhas excepted), but the aquarium can be. In the infection called fish-tank granuloma , bacteria “enters the body through cuts and causes painful skin ulcers,” says Dr. Chomel. Avoid it by wearing rubber gloves when you put your hands in the tank-and washing your hands afterward.

5.0 Lizards and turtles- Studies report that up to 90% of iguanas carry salmonella. Turtles and several other amphibians also can spread the bacteria, which also can invade human intestines and cause fever, diarrhea, and bleeding ulcers. Whenever you handle a lizard or turtle, wash your hands afterward with antibacterial soap.

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