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Health Benefits of Omega 3

salmon omega 3
I like eating fish especially Tuna, salmon and sardines because they are abundant in my place. My place is in fact known as Tuna capital of our country the Philippines. Boil Belly Tuna is my favorite dishes because it is delicious and fatty. I like when the fat melts into my tongue when I ate this tuna part. Salmon is also succulent but this fish is not available in my tropical country but it is available in our local market. What is good with sea foods is that they are healthy foods than pork or beef meat. I never heard anyone with hyper tension who only diet is consist of sea foods and vegetables.

One day I read an article about what these fishes can offer to our health. I read that the fish oil from these fishes is good to our heart and can even control bad cholesterol. The mineral is called Omega-3. Omega-3 can help illuminate depression, good for the heart, improve brain function, and can prevent certain types of cancer, help arthritis sufferers and more. Fish Oil is unsaturated that is why it is good to our body. If you want to live healthy then eat sea food especially these fishes that live in the deep blue sea.

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