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Banners for Ads

When I went to Cebu City I decided to scout for a new home to buy but I had a hard time because I did not know anyone. Cebu City is a big City in our country and many people told me that this city has many crook people. They victimized people who are from nearby provinces. I bought a newspaper that features about real estate so that I can have a prospect in buying my dream house. Actually I decided to have a house in this city because it is near from my province and not so congested compared to Manila. I scanned the ads part of the newspaper and jotted down my prospects which fall in my qualifications like the price, location and style.

After I finished the listing, I visited the place with my friend and look for signs to guide us where to proceed. I saw the custom vinyl banners that displays the name of the developers and their real estate addresses. Some of these banners seems old to me but they are still readable and good. I was just wondering where they bought those kind of materials for their banners. Anyway we proceeded to the place where I chose the developer because of their reputation. The subdivision was good with complete amenities but the price were not too high for me. But when I talked to their broker, he required me to present many documents including my boss letter which state how much I earn per month. I did not have such paper on hand so I told him that I might apply after one year because I worked abroad.

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rob said...

i went to spain to wrk for the summer i loved it, but trying to find a place to rent was really hard because i didnt know anybody and couldant speak spanish

Banner Buzz said...

Hey Mar

I am very impressed with your whole information on banners, Banners are really a very helpful tool to grow your business. its always a great part of all types of business advertisement.

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