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Business Card Distribution

Just this afternoon I read the blog of a certain author name Neil Patel and I am happy to read it because he is a great entrepreneur who is responsible to some of the best companies in United States today. What is very interesting is that he is very young in his twenties. In his blog on how to make the customers happy he mentioned that we need to treat every customer as individual because by doing so they will feel that they are special human being. He is right because I put myself in a customer’s shoes and I felt that if the store owner or manager will treat me like a customer then I will return to his store to buy again. This is also the same with artist or anyone who is into business.

There are many artist business cards in the table and my friend told me that he organized a non profitable concert and these cards are requested by the singer because he want to keep his fans happy by distributing them after the show. I told him not to forget the autograph. I also like the artist because he has a beautiful voice aside from being friendly and warm. I told my friend that this guy will have a long way to go in his chosen field.

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