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Calendar for Good Ideas

I am working abroad so I am prone to homesick but I tried my very best to control it. My officemate is very lonely and he always count the days every month and check the day when it passed. I could not understand why he left his wife and son and work abroad but could not fight his loneliness. I told him to save more money and invest in the Philippines so that he can go home for good. When I was new in our company he print two calendars one for me and one for him. He told me that I will be using the calendar to count each day but I failed him.

I read books, play tennis and exercise to make myself busy and forget anything at home and concentrate on saving money for my business in mind. Seeing calendar each day is for me a sign for new hope and life. I count my blessing each day that is why I don’t feel homesick. Many people forget that time is very important so why waste it by thinking negative things in life. I used each day to learn new things and ideas that I can use when I stop working from other people. I want to have my own company and be the boss. Calendar should be used to learn new things by giving us schedule and deadline for our works so that you will get what you opt to.

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