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Furniture Ideas

Last week our boss was visiting our branch office in the province to see what is lacking in the office. The warehouse is now complete with rack for our spare parts in our system integration. We are into audio/ video integration and since our main office is far from this province our boss decided to open a branch to store our spare parts and also we have an office for our clients to call for technical support. Right now the office is not yet well-furnish because no one could decide what kind of furniture to be purchased.

The office furniture accessories are also a big problem so I asked our liaison officer to make a quotation as soon as possible. My boss got irritated because he expects us to have our own initiative on how to beautify the office.

Office furniture is very important because it will show the image of our company. I told our liaison officer to have at least five quotations so that we can choose the furniture for our office, since we are into technology so the motif should also be like modern and simple. When I told my boss about our plan he told us to implement it as soon as possible. I hope next week we could start selecting the best furniture for our office.

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