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MLM - Multi Level Marketing

MLM stand for Multi-level Marketing. This business is now popular to people who could not afford to start a business due to lack of capital. Franchising is very expensive, it will cost you thousands of money or millions. There are many schemes of MLM. MLM is also called a networking like Binary. The starting capital is very small.

You have to join a group or maybe somebody will sponsor you and become his downline. He will guide and help you how to run the business. This is more on recruiting than selling. Your time should be 80% recruiting and 20% selling. They bigger your group, the bigger the money you earn from yourself and downline.

Here are some important criteria when joining this kind of business:
1.0 Is the product effective? Is it necessity and affordable. The product is very important. If it is salable and easy to produce then it is one of the best criteria to join.
2.0 Is the company behind the product reliable or has a good track records. There are fly by night companies. Here today gone tomorrow. Beware of these companies.
3.0 Is the MLM global? Can you expand your business overseas?
4.0 Is the compensation plans beneficial to the members like how much you will earn if you earn such kind of sales volume. Will they reward you with car or a lot of money?
5.0 Is it transferable? Like for example your group is large already, could you transfer it to your son or someone else?

If out of five, they have four then it is worth joining that MLM or networking. Herbalife is an example of Multi Level Marketing.

There are advantages and disadvantages in joining Multi Level Marketing. Many are frustrated why they joined this kind of business but many MLM marketer had succeeded in joining. My piece of advice is to study first before diving into MLM.

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