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Stock Market Trend

The stock market trend is going up lately maybe because of the recession that is here for awhile. What do you do when the market is in its very low position? Well my suggestion is to invest your money because there is no other way but to go up. Stock market is a tricky investment if you are not into it for a long time but as they say even the people who are expert in stock market still loss their money.

If you are new in stock market or want to be in stock market I think you better study the stock market trend before you invest. My friend and I are happy because we invest in mutual fund which is not that risky but still gain more interest than time deposit or putting your money in the bank like savings account.

You can monitor the mutual fund trend in the Philippines by reading newspaper and online website that offers daily or monthly recap. Mutual Fund is almost the same with stock market, the only difference is that stock is one company while mutual fund is compose of many companies so if the market is down not all companies are affected so it is safer than stock.

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