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Web Hosting Guide for your Blog

I was really devastated with what the Blogspot did to my beautiful website that I made for almost four years. It has a good page rank from the Google. Most of the content of that blog were painstakingly done to the best of knowledge but they closed it without any warning. This is the problem if you are not using a webhosting because you have no control with your database. The bad thing is that I did not backup my files in my computer. If you are a blogger I would advise you to back up your files in your computer. I would also recommend you to buy webhosting to avoid losing your hard work. Look for a hosting guide now and see which webhosting is good for you.

There are many webhosting today that it is very hard to choose which one to host your website or blog but they have many criteria to choose from. The best way to choose is to ask from people who bought webhosting before. They can give you best choice and perhaps cheaper. Choose a webhosting that is very reliable and provides good technical support to their clients. Choose Wordpress over other blog provider because they give you power to control your blog by using plugins. You have overall control to your blog and since you pay money for the hosting of your blog then no one will close it. You might be penalized by the Google in page ranking but never close your blog.

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